Book Review: Ten Little Ladybugs

Ten Little Ladybugs by Melanie Gerth

This is a great little book that counts backward from 10 to 1, with colourful pictures and tactile ladybugs.  Smooch loves this book.  We read it at least once every day.  She loves to sit on my lap, and I'll take her fingers and count the bugs on each page.  Smooch also enjoys the holes for each bug.  She loves to put her fingers into the holes.  The premise is simple.  As you turn the pages, the bugs disappear one by one.  The first time I read through it, I thought they were getting eaten or something, because it would say 'along came a fish, then there were...' (one less on the next page)...  but in the end, they all end up home together with their animal friends! 

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