Stuffed Animal "Cage"

In an effort to keep my kids' small room clean and not cluttered with toys, I created a stuffed animal "cage" with an existing bookcase that was not being utilized to its full potential with books (toddlers are not particularly gentle with regular books, so we are only keeping board books in their room at the moment).  I liked this idea better than a mesh hammock, because it is completely accessible to the children (my crazy monkey would try and climb into the hammock, I'm sure of it, or it would have to be so high she couldn't reach it, and then what is the point of keeping the stuffed animals?) And yet, it takes up no more floor space than is already being used. I got the inspiration from another blog, and modified it to suit our needs.  Its really quite simple, I completed ours in less than an hour, including time to recharge the drill battery!

I didn't take good "step by step" pictures, so I hope you get the gist of it.  You can make the cage as big or as small as you need, using the entire bookcase, without any shelves, or as I did, just securing a shelf at the desired height with "L" brackets.

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