Diapers & Wipes

Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in about what I use for my daughter, Smooch.

I've used Pampers Swaddlers from the very beginning.  I had a sample pack (2 diapers) of Huggies Natural Care newborn diapers, but they are definitely not designed for tummy sleepers.  They have a large cutout in the front, to accommodate the umbilical cord stump, but Smooch woke up from her nap soaked up the front of her! 
She has now graduated to Pampers Cruisers, because she is a girl on the go!  I've tried various other diapers over the last 10 months, whatever happens to be at the in-laws' house, or what is available in the church nursery if I forgot to restock the diaper bag, but I always keep coming back to the Swaddlers/ Cruisers.  There are other styles of Pampers (Baby Dry, etc), but for Smooch's tiny tush, none seem to compare!  I've thought a couple times about trying cloth diapers -- I even have the fabric, thread, and instruction manual to make them myself -- but honestly, I just haven't gotten around to it...  I've got enough other sewing projects that are more important, and I feel like I would still want to use disposables when we are out, or when someone else is watching her (ie. nursery), because its a lot more of an ordeal than just pitching the dirty one out... and we are a family on the go, so I would still be using disposables an awful lot.

As to wipes, I actually use Huggies Natural Care wipes.  They are thicker and stronger than any Pampers wipes (even their 'thick' ones), and they are gentle enough for the wee one's sensitive bum.  They also come in handy for cleaning up many other messes as well.  They are really good for getting stains out of clothes (if taken care of immediately), even chocolate!

So there you have it. 

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