This Housewife's "Best Bets"

When it comes to 'housewife' duties, there are certain things I keep coming back to.  I thought I'd share a couple with you... in case you are curious.

1) Broom: 
For all of my memory growing up, my mom had the same broom-- the Stanley Home Products Slender Broom.  There's a good chance it was not actually the same one for all those years, but if she did replace it, she always got the same one.  Now that I've become a wife & mom, I have one too, and I think its going to last forever.  It sweeps better than anything you can buy at Walmart or Target or other such stores, and it holds up to the toughest messes.  They also have a Clip-on Dustpan.  I don't have one yet, but plan on getting one soon! 

2) Pot scourer/ steel wool:
While we're on the subject of Stanley Home Products, here's another jewel -- their Kitchen Cleaners heavy-duty scrubbers.  I'll insert their description, because its easier than trying to reword it:
"Specially designed stainless steel coils cut through stubborn grease, grime, baked-on food. Strong and flexible for use on ovens, grills, pots and pans, outdoor furniture, even tools - anywhere you need strong scrubbing power. Kitchen Cleaners are gentle to your hands, won't splinter or rust, and last longer than ordinary steel wool pads. Rinse easily, too."  I got excited one time, and bought 5 boxes of these (they come 2 in a box), thinking I'd better stock up for a year or so... I've given at least 2 of the boxes away, and I still have 1 in the cupboard, and that was over 4 years ago...  They hold up so well, and work so well, that I won't have to buy more for a long while. 

3) Bathroom Cleaner:

I've tried out a ton of different cleaners over the years, but the brand I keep coming back to is Scrubbing Bubbles.  I love their Soap Scum with Orange bathroom cleaner.  I use it to keep the buildup on the shower doors to a minimum, to keep the toilet shining, and the sink and countertop fresh and tidy.  I also use it in the kitchen, especially after I've been working with raw meat, because it is a disinfectant as well as cleaner.  And I feel confident with the occasions when Smooch uses the toilet to pull herself up to standing, that she's not getting grimy germs all over her precious fingers, which are constantly in her mouth.  Scrubbing Bubbles also makes flushable disinfectant wipes, which are great for a quick wipe-down of the toilet during the week between cleans.   And I love their Fresh Brush -- a flushable toilet bowl brush.  They are individual brushes with cleaner in them that are activated by water.  Simply attach to the reusable handle, scrub the bowl, and flush all those germs right down the drain!  No gross toilet bowl brush sitting in the corner of your bathroom, sitting in a pool of toilet bowl water, tempting tiny hands to grab it ...  have I grossed you out yet?

4)  For dusting, I don't use any products at all.  I simply use a good absorbancy cotton cloth (washed a couple times to get rid of excess lint), and water.  The key is to only get the cloth damp, not completely wet.  And when you have to rinse it, just be sure to squeeze out as much of the excess water as possible.

5) I like to have things organized.  I like everything to have a place.  In a condo with not much storage space, this is often difficult.  So I use these IKEA bins to help organize my 'under the sink' storage in the kitchen and 2 bathrooms.  I don't put the lids on, and really, its time to revisit them because they are overflowing, but at least its a start. 

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